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How to choose vacuum pump


The pharmaceutical industry of several common vacuum pump and a vacuum pump,advantages and disadvantages about several concepts in the process of pharmaceuticalproduction how to make good use of the vacuum pump,

 need to know the following: 1, the concept of "vacuum" concept: "vacuum" refers to the gas state under an atmospheric pressure within a given space the gas molecular density, also is the space of gas molecular density is lower than the atmospheric pressure in the region. Space state no gascalled absolute vacuum. 2, the vacuum pump is a device used to produce:, improve andmaintain a vacuum. 3, exhaust volume: vacuum pump suction in unit time under theworking pressure of the gas in the flow. Unit: kg/h or m3/h; 4, the ultimate pressure(vacuum): at the extraction amount of absolute pressure is zero under the condition of vacuum pump can achieve. Unit: Pa, KPa, MPa or mmHg (limit must Yajian local atmospheric pressure to limit vacuum degree); 5, working pressure (vacuum): jet pumpabsolute pressure in the volume of the rated exhaust. Unit: Pa, KPa, MPa or mmHg (workmust Yajian local atmospheric pressure as the working vacuum degree); 6, working steam pressure: working steam pressure vacuum steam jet pump. Unit: MPa or kgf/cm2; 7, steam consumption: steam jet vacuum pump unit time steam consumption. Unit: kg/h; 8, the temperature of the cooling water: water jet condenser temperature of circulating waterpump circulating water temperature or steam jet vacuum pump. Unit: OC; 9, the volume of cooling water: a unit of time through the water injection flow rate of the circulating water orsteam jet pump condenser. Unit: kg/h; vacuum pump common -- pharmaceutical industryoften use several vacuum pump two, the pharmaceutical industry of several commonvacuum pump and its advantages and disadvantages of the 1, the pharmaceutical industrycan be simply divided into variable volume type vacuum pump and jet vacuum pump,variable volume type vacuum pump is a device to complete the suction and exhaust the use of cycle variation of the pump cavity volume, reciprocating vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pump, vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump is belongs to the variable volume type vacuum pump. Jet vacuum pump is a high speed jet by using Venturi effect produced by the pressure drop of a momentum transfer pump gas to export,water jet vacuum pump, steam jet vacuum pump, steam jet vacuum pump in series, steam and water jet vacuum pump belonging to the same jet vacuum pump. The working principle of the 2, variable volume type vacuum pump and the advantages and disadvantages of the (1), reciprocating vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pump, vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump is to rely on the reciprocating movement of the piston or rotary gasinhalation, compression and exhaust. Their advantages are put into use the new pumpvacuum degree is relatively high, but the pistons are moving parts, therefore the abrasion of the piston is unavoidable, with the increase of the number of maintenance work will continue to decline until the vacuum degree, can not meet the production requirements.This kind of pump working noise, high fuel consumption, high failure rate is the fatal shortcoming, generally need to open a spare one, increase equipment investment and operation cost of the intangible. In addition, if the use of such pumping water vapor and other condensable gases, will make the lubricating oil emulsification, therefore can only be applied in the suction of non condensable gas (air), nor the suction with granular media,which limits its scope of application. (2), water ring vacuum pump is installed in the pump shell by an eccentric rotor with multi blade rotation, the water thrown into the pump shelland the pump shell concentric ring formation water, water ring and rotor blade formedvolume cycle changes to the gas inhalation, compression and exhaust. It has the advantage of low vacuum pumping capacity, can be directly pumping water vapor and other condensable gases. It is the shortcomings of low vacuum, suction should not withgranular media. 3 jet vacuum pump, working principle and the advantages and disadvantages of the jet vacuum pump is a high speed jet by using Venturi effect produced by the pressure drop of a momentum transfer pump gas to export. It is divided into thewater jet vacuum pump, steam jet vacuum pump, steam jet vacuum pump in series, steam and water jet vacuum pump. Jet vacuum pump in the vacuum range, can be directlypumping water vapor and other condensable gases and a granular medium, has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, no moving parts repair quantity is small, energy saving and other advantages more and more widely used in the chemical process of operation, the following were introduced the working principle of various jet vacuum pump. (1), see the structural diagram of the water jet vacuum pump working principle and structure diagram of the water jet vacuum pump equipment, its working principle is: the circulating water tank water in circulating water pump work produce a certain pressure, flow rate, with a certain pressure, velocity of water entering the water jetwater collecting chamber, the multiple nozzle Lawal on the perforated plate spray, high speed jet formation make the mixing chamber ejector vacuum is produced, pumped medium under the action of vacuum

Enters the ejector mixing chamber, in the mixing chamber and high-speed flow fully mixedand Venturi tube reducing speed, pressurized discharged into a circulating water tank,precipited gas, condensable vapor from the tank overflow overflow, so repeated work. It has the advantage of low machine type, ratio of the water ring vacuum pump of high vacuum degree, instead of W type reciprocating vacuum pump can cancel the precondenser, save a one-time equipment investment and operation cost. (2), steam jet vacuum pump in series. The working principle and structure diagram in the series of waterjet vacuum pump injector in front of a stage or multistage steam jet vacuum pump steam jet vacuum pump in series, its structure is seen in soda