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JGF-C-502 super glue filling machine for Aluminum tube


 Aluminum tube 502 glue filling and folding tail machine

Features: The mental hose tail sealer is mainly used in the materials’ package using the aluminum tubes as the packing container. The filling, tail-sealing and 

batch-number printing are finished alone time. 

Use: liquid  such as 502 glue, cyanoacrylate

Work process: manual or automatic  Insert the mental hose in the socket on the rotary  aluminum plate by hand and use the indexing mechanism for the 

transmission and location and photoelectric detection and  quantitative filling. The tail sealing and printing are finished at one time and the finished products

 are automatically pushed out.
Structural characteristics: This machine adopts weight mode to achieve precise filling and the measuring error is less than 1%. It has no liquid leak and its

 speed is adjustable. It also can be directly folded which is the most advanced horseshoe mechanism. It produces good sealed tails and its operation is 

simple. Its filling, sealing and printing are finished at one time. It thoroughly solves the problem of wiredrawing commonly existing in the producing process 

and the common fault of leaking at the tail after sealed. As for the special industry, 
Optional : it needs to be added with the gas protection device to prevent the solidification phenomenon occurring during transportation and storage 

process after the materials are sealed.

   502 glue filling and sealing machine

cyanoacrylate filling machine

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