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Anaerobic glue filling and capping machine


XGF-2 Anaerobic glue filling and capping machine


Threadlocking glue filling machine

The liquid filling and capping machine is a new product developed and produced by maxwell company based on the demand of the development of the chemical industry, and is specially designed for manufacturers that use plastic bottles as packaging materials. This machine has 16 work stations, complete a series of action  by rotating .
Function of machine:
Automatic feed bottle(manual),automatic fill glue, automatic (manual) feed cap, automatic screw cap,automatic push out finished bottle
It can also work with labeling together on line conveyor.

Woking principle:
While using the plunger type (self-priming device) for suction and filling, the upper cover is covered by an electromagnetic vibrating plate, and the special motor rotation cover ensures that the cover is screwed to the required degree. The machine adopts stepless speed regulation and photoelectric control, so that the bottle can be filled without bottle filling. It is suitable for medicine /chemical filling and capping. This machine is not only the ideal ideal equipment for the pharmaceutical production industry, but also fully applicable to cosmetics, spices, accessories, advertisements, and gouache.

Mainly parameter:
Capacity:10-40/min ( adjust speed)
Filling range:50-250, 150-500
Filling accuracy:99%
Bottle diameter:15-120mm
Weight: 350KG



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