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Semi automatic foam production line

In the production process of gun type PU sealant for example:
Including 7 steps: 1 white material filling; 2 black material filling; 3 sealing; 4 filling two ether; 5 filling propylene; 6 pressure screw cap; 7 packing vibration.
So there are 7 machines to complete the equipment, complete these 7 work.
Equipment includes 1 white material filling machine, 2 black material filling machine, 3 sealing machine, 4 filling two ether machine, 5 filling of the machine with 6 pressure screw cap machine, 7 vibration machine.
1 white filling machine:
A certain amount of white material filling into the tank, filling volume: 0-450 ml, repeat the filling measure is + 0.5%, filling speed 800-1200 cans / h (white material is based on polyether polyol as a main raw material of viscous liquid
2 black filling machine:
To a certain amount of black material filling into the pot, filling volume: 0-450 ml, repeat filling measure is + 0.5%, filling speed 800-1200 cans / hour (black material is a kind of isocyanate, is a viscous liquid)
3 sealing machine:
Close the valve to the pot and seal the tank.
4 filling two ether machine:
To a certain amount of dimethyl ether (DME) after filling valve into the tank, filling volume: 0-450 ml, repeat the filling measure is + 0.5%, filling speed 800-1200 cans / h (dimethyl ether is a liquefied gas, then as a foaming agent)
5 filling of polypropylene:
To a certain amount of propane and butane after filling valve into the tank, filling volume: 0-450 ml, repeat the filling measure is + 0.5%, filling speed 800-1200 cans / h (propane and butane is a liquefied gas in this as a propellant)
6 pressure screw cap machine:
This equipment is mainly used for gun type polyurethane foam sealant is installed on the screw cap, convenient, fast, safe.
7 shake machine:
This machine is mainly used in the reciprocating motion of the cylinder. Will fill in the product after the filling into the vibration machine, through the reciprocating movement, so that the tank of white material, black material, two ether, propylene.
B type semi automatic foam production line
he polyurethane foam equipment is by a white material filling machine; a QGB-900C filling, sealing and inflating one machine (including 2. The black filling, 3. Sealing, filling dimethyl ether); a pneumatic machine; a pressure plastic screw cap machine; a swing machine, a total of five machine components.
The traditional polyurethane foam production equipment is by a white material filling machine, a black filler, a sealing machine, a dimethyl ether (DME) filling machine, a propane and butane (LPG) filling machine, a thread pressing plastic machine cover 1, a swing machine, consisting of a total of seven machines.
Our company fully consider the client's interests and requirements, the white material filling machine, black material filling machine, sealing machine, filling machine of dimethyl ether, propylene butane bottling machine binding to a work table, a worker operates, the original seven workers to operate the polyurethane foam production equipment, now 5 person can operation, saving labor.
This machine is small, and the operation is simple. Only five workers can complete the whole process of the production, and will not increase the labor intensity of workers is polyurethane foam production enterprises preferred.
The machine is designed, all the pneumatic valve is used in the national standard pneumatic valve, and all open design, easy to replace, easy to buy.
This equipment can meet the single line of about one hundred thousand cans per month in the use of small and medium manufacturers.

Technical parameters :

Suitable valve door: 1 inches (25.4 mm)
Content filling capacity: 20-900 ml
The contents of the input connector: 20 mm diameter stainless steel pagoda joint
Propellant input connector: M22*1.5 anti teeth (for example, can be docked with the standard 15KG, 50KG petroleum liquefied gas cylinder)
Filling precision: 1%
Height: 70-330 mm for aerosol cans
For the diameter of aerosol cans: 35 to 70 mm diameter.
Working pressure: 0.5-1.0 MPa
Maximum gas consumption: 1 cubic / minute
Production capacity: 100 ml per pot of liquid propellant, 1200 cans per hour

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