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SJX-30 silicone Sealant Mixer Solder Paste Planetary Mixer Machine Price


 Silicone Sealant Mixer Solder Paste Planetary Mixer Machine Price

Product Description

Application of planetary mixer 

planetary mixer is suitable for the agitation,dissolving,dispersing and homogenization of liquid and powder material.

The double planetary mixer is widely used in high-viscosity coatings, silicone, ink, dyes, adhesive etc. 

 Energy: all kinds of battery paste, paste material (lithium battery, nickel chromium battery, nickel metal hydride batteries,

 fuel cells, power battery, etc.);

electronic appliances, solder paste, ceramic slurry, magnetic material, silica gel ink, electronic adhesive, PVC plastic, 

electronic potting glue, hot melt adhesive, all kinds of precious metal powder, slurry;

chemicals:A variety of sealant, adhesive, silicone sealant, polysulfide sealant, structure of insulating glass sealant, 

waterproof sealant, sealant, anaerobic adhesive, stone glue, plastic mould, etc.), synthetic resin, rubber, printing ink,

 putty, abrasives (cream), wax products, synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, all kinds of powder materials, ceramic pigment;

 Specifications of  planetary mixer 


 Mixing tools combination of planetary mixer

 In the application field of the multi-function mixer (planetary mixer ), we accumulated a wealth of experience.

planetary mixer 

Our product combination include the combination of high speed and high-speed, the combination of high-speed

 and low-speed and the combination of low-speed and low-speed. High-speed part is divided into high shear 

emulsification device, high-speed dispersion device, high-speed propulsion device, butterfly stirring device.

 Low-speed part is divided into anchor stirring, paddle stirring, spiral stirring, helical ribbon stirring,

 rectangular stirring and so on. Any combination has its unique mixing effect. It also have vacuum and 

heating function and temperature inspect function  (planetary mixer )

 mixing path of planetary mixer 

mixng tools of planetary mixer 


Practice of planetary mixer 


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