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FJ200 lab. high shear mixe



  • It use high speed  homogeneous structure with self-suction function,be able to high efficient homogenizatioon ,emulsification ,
  • Can extract organic compounds in water,fat-soluble substances and organic solvent-soluble substances.

  • For a variety of animals, plant tissue can achieve the purpose of homogenization and mixing.

  • Can break the cell membrane to the nuclear separation, and can use different speeds to break the DNA strand,
  • or macromolecular material broken into small molecules
  • Use as mixer with low speed
  • Digital show rotating speed, read speed directly


  • Motor speed:22000RPM
  • 19mm homogenizer head :1500-16000RPM
  • 15mm homogenizer head:1500-20000RPM
  • Continuous working time: less 5 minutes
  • Power:200W
  • Voltage:220V±10% 50Hz
  • Working temperature range:-10~45℃
  • Net weight:8KG
  • Gross weight:11-12KG
  • Stroke: 170mm

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