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FGF40R tube fill and seal machine


FGF40R Plastic/Laminated tube filling and sealing tail machine

Video :Plastic tube fill and seal machine

Metal aluminum tube fill and fold tail machine

Use: This tube fill and seal machine is suitable for fill liquid and paste into tube, then seal tube tail at the same time.  It is used widely in the field of chemical and food, etc.  such as  lotion , shampoo,shoes polish, toothpaste, mayonnaise, ketchup.

Auxiliary equipment:                                                                                                    

              water chiller                                                                          Air compressor

water chiller                          air compressor

Working process:

First manual or automatic  insert tube into tube holder,  The tube holders will rotate with the rotary table so that they will be positioned at different work stations.

Then the function of filling, seal tail, code date,cut-off tail will be finished automatically at intervals on related work stations . The whole process is pneumatic-controlled. It is easy to adjust filling quantity and speed.


1.Plastic/Laminated tube filling and sealing tail machine is made of stainless steel. The process is button-controlled.

2.The machine is suitable for various size of plastic tube for filling, sealing, and date print. It is featured with performance.

3.It adopt piston filling system, so that get a high accuracy and stable filling quantity

4.It adopt inner and outside surface heating together, so that get beautiful sealed tail.

5.compact structure,complete functions,economic price. it is ideal machine for small factory

Optional: Pot Heating System, Against drip Filling Head.

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